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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Wheely Fun Day

Today the Student Council ran another Wheels Day.  Despite a few raindrops and puddles, we all got to have a zoom around the school on our scooters, drift bikes, roller blades and wheely shoes.

Then for lunch it was a sausage and a spider drink. YUM!!!! Sorry parents for the muddy clothes!

At the start of the day, the whole school went to the hall to show off our groovy dance moves that we've been practising for the past few weeks.
 Check these out ...

Thanks Student Council for this fun event.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Dancing With Our Little Buddies

Today we got together with our buddy class - Room 8. They taught us a dance called The King Of Spain Goes Marching.

We each had turns dancing with  our younger buddies and had lots of fun.
Thanks Room 8 kids for showing us this dance! We're looking forward to our next buddy class session.

Wheels Day/Fun Day Coming Up

Friday, 9 September 2016

Fabric Fun

Room 3 kids are learning all about Fabric & Fibre. We have been learning to identify different fabrics, and test out and compare their properties. For example, how stretchy is the fabric? Is it absorbent? Does it fray easily? Does it bounce back after you squeeze it? etc.

We worked in small groups and had fun, ripping, cutting, squeezing fabrics.

We've learnt that fabrics are constructed in 4 main ways: weaved,(like cotton shirts)  knitted/looped (like woolen jerseys or stretchy cotton T-shirts)   or are 'non-woven' which are NOT made from thread.  (Like polar fleece)

Today we practiced weaving flax. We needed to work with a buddy because one person had to hold down the ends of the flax while the other weaved .. under, over, under, over.  Then we swapped over to give our buddy a turn.

Our flax weaving looks awesome, even though it's not quite finished.   Here are some photos ...