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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Small Ball Skills

Now that our swimming programme is finished, Room 3 are now practising our small ball skills.
Last week it was a bit wet, so we did this in the hall.

Firstly, we each had a ball and had a go at throwing the ball up with one hand and catching with two. Then we tried tossing it higher, and clapping in between. Some of us managed to throw it quite high and still catch it!

We practised using 'overarm' to throw the ball to a buddy so they could catch it, and then tried bouncing a ball to our buddy so they could catch it. As we got better, we moved further apart.

This week, we'll be practising on the field so we can throw the ball long distances using 'overarm' technique.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Senior Swimming Sports

Whoops! I forgot to add photos from Wednesday when the seniors had their swimming sports.
Six Room 3 children participated in this event.  Jock, Maggie, Kaleb, Ruby, Annabel and Abbie. We were so proud of all these children, but especially congratulate Abbie P and Annabel S for their superb results...
Abbie came second in the Junior Championship final, and Annabel came FIRST!
Well done all our Room 3 children for competing in the senior sports.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Junior Swimming Sports

Today was the last day of swimming, and our Junior Swimming Sports!
Because it was a bit windy and cold, we did our class events one at a time, and waited in the classroom until it was our turn. Luckily the water was lovely and warm even though it was windy.

Here are some photos of us ... please leave a comment.