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Friday, 26 February 2016

Home Learning In Room 3

Room 3 are now in the full swing of Home Learning. Every Monday we take home some spelling words to practice. For most of us, these are high frequency words that we're spelling wrong in our writing. We practice them in class on Mondays, and then at home.
On Friday, our Learning Buddy tests us on these words.

We also read a book each night.For some of us, this is a book we have read in class. For others, it is our chapter book that we got from the school library. When we finish a chapter book, we write a comment in a Reading Log at the back of our KIT books, and get to rate the book out of 10.

We also practice basic facts in Maths. This might also be Number Knowledge - eg: count backwards from any number within 100. We know we will get faster with practice.

Thanks parents for supporting our learning by giving us time to practice at home.

These children are testing their buddy on their spelling words.

Josh is one of the R3 kids who is great at filling out his homework chart and recording his reflections of his learning in Maths.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Foxton Beach Trip

Today all of the Halcombe School kids had a terrific day at Foxton Beach.
Room 3 kids traveled in a bus with others. When we arrived, we got into mixed age groups and played some fun games.
Later on, we got to splash in the water in the waves. Some of us got VERY wet!
After lunch, we split up into our class groups and did different activities. Room 3 created an obstacle course with driftwood - then we got to go through it! Under ... over... around...

Here are some photos from our day..

Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday Fun Day in the Pool

Today we had lots of fun playing games in the pool. It was very different to our normal swimming lessons!
We had piggy back races, played games like Stuck In the Mud and Dolphins & Sharks, and we did a fun obstacle course. We had to swim underwater to get through the hoops and 'dolphin dived' over noodles.

What a great way to build up our water confidence!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Learning Maths Games

Today we learnt how to play lots of new Maths games that help us practice adding and subtracting. We will be able to play these fun learning games when we finish our Maths early.

Monday, 1 February 2016

This is Room 3

Today was the start of school after the big long holiday break. Here are the COOL, KIND, CARING kids of Room 3.

We have a golden rule in our class. This is it ...

We would love parents and family to read our posts this year. We will be sharing a lot of the awesome work and fun we have during the year, and look forward to reading your positive comments.